With over twenty years providing safety training for collision repair shops, AAMS has proven itself to be a trusted leader.


Driven by technology, our industry has changed drastically. More companies need to save time without compromising quality. AAMStraining.com allows you to maximize efficiency while undergoing comprehensive safety training online.


We provide your shop with expert tools for maintaining compliance with OSHA & EPA rules/regulations. Our online safety and compliance program includes initial, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks.


We’ve streamlined those tasks to be quick, easy, yet comprehensive so that you save time, and our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to provide assistance—contact a team member to learn more about how AAMStraining.com can help.




Here's exactly how your collision repair shop will benefit from our online compliance training system:


Save Money

Hiring an OSHA consultant is very expensive. We provide you with all the information, tools, and resources you need to ensure compliance—everything a consultant has to offer at half the price.


 Save Time

Your time is your most valuable asset, so our program won't waste a minute of it. Our interactive, online program takes managers or owners only five hours per year to maximize the safety awareness of your facility—less than one day a year.


Meeting Requirements

The bottom line is that compliance is part of doing business. Although ensuring compliance may seem inconvenient, having your shop temporarily shut down because of a compliance issue creates significantly more stress for you than staying on top of the rules and regulations.


Creating a Safe Environment

Being up to date with compliance creates a safer environment for employees and drastically reduces liability concerns.


Keeping Compliance Simple

Say goodbye to that feeling of dread that comes with meeting compliance regulations.

Our program's attractive pricing and convenient format ensures that you're able to meet the many regulatory requirements with the least amount of hassle.




We're 100% committed to helping businesses become and remain fully compliant, providing this service at the best price while taking the least amount of time possible from your work.

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